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To Life

A New Year Beckons


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

A Short Note on a Difficult Day...

Feeling Vulnerable

The Blind Boys of Alabama

Where's the Outrage?

"Forgotten Grievers"

"Ok kid, you got the job."

Asymmetrical Political Warfare

Dec. 7, 1941 (and today)

Tragedy on Repeat

Remembering A Legend

The End of Roe?


A Jury for America

A Mother's Song

Thanksgiving and Reflection

The China Conundrum

To Autumn, A Wonderful Season

"Dying In Your Mother's Arms"

It's Okay To Be Exhausted

Make 'Em Laugh

Are You Going Somewhere for the Holidays?

Parents Do Not Have A Right To Deny History

Congress Should Work

Singing in a Stairwell

All of the Above

A Party Embraces Vulgarity

Who's On First?

The Battle for Our Schools... Our Children... And the Future of Our Nation

Do You Facebook?

My Children's Book

Musical Genius, in Reel Time... Smile for A Saturday

Undermining Democracy

Where Do You Get Your (Local) News?

Will We Vote For Planet Earth?

From Outer Space (A Smile for A Saturday)

Are You Engaged?

Positive Change

"That's What Frogs Do. Everybody Knows That" (Smile for a Saturday)

Spare Me!

Are the Democrats Really Divided?

Smile for a Saturday (A Beautiful Lullaby)

We Need a New Vocabulary For Our Politics

Islands in the Stream (Smile for a Saturday)

Read Any Good Books Lately?


As Long As the Candle Is Burning...

A Smile for a Saturday (I Heard It Through The Grapevine)

California Dreamin'?

If You Don't Want To Be Seen As a Partisan Hack...

A Hero Named Emilio

... 20 Years...

The Week That Was

"I Dissent"

An Example of Great Journalism

A World on Fire

A Smile for A Saturday (What a Wonderful World...)

Amidst so much pain, where do you find hope?

A Sad Day for Texas, and the Nation

What Might Have Been

A Smile for a Saturday (Ode to Joy)

The Week That Was

Tonight, I Mourn

What Should Be In The News?

Dear American Healthcare Workers...

In the Middle of History

In the Middle of History

A Smile for a Saturday

The Week That Was

Afghanistan: How Do We Consider the Coverage and the Consequences?

A Message Worth Reading and Pondering on Afghanistan

Children Are Our Future


“Hope” is the thing with feathers

How is Climate Change Changing Your Life?

"Code Red for Humanity"

A Profile in Courage

I Remain an Optimist...

The COVID Cheerleaders

Dealing with Delta

My Fellow Americans

The Weeks That Were

The Weeks That Were (July 16 - 30, 2021)

We've Had Enough - Have You?


Back on Earth

Let's Talk

Thank You Steady Community

Freedom Defined, and Distorted

Everyone Is Born A Scientist

The Weeks That Were (July 2 - 15, 2021)

Bridging the Divide

Lies Beget Tragedy

Inside Democracy

In Defense of Freedom - of the Press and the Academy

Have Vaccine Will Travel?

The Supreme Court Vs. Democracy

July 4th - An Illustrated Story

The Weeks That Were

The Taste of Summer

Betting Against the Vote

Giving Away Their Shot

In Defense of Science


More Than Manchin

Brought Back To Earth

The Week That Was

What Are You Reading?

Holes In Our History

We Shall Overcome... (The Weekend Watch)

The Week That Was

How Do You Define Balance? (Our Midweek Conversation)

Much to Memorialize...

Weekend Watch: A Final Journey...

The Week That Was

What Have You Learned? (A Rather Unusual Midweek Conversation)

A Note to the Class of 2021

My Week In Tweets

Congratulations, Graduates! (Our Midweek Conversation)

Can Republicans Handle The Truth?

War, Again...

Thank You For Your Service

My Week In Tweets

How do you get your news?

The Big Lie Is A Big Deal

My Week In Tweets

Did a Teacher Change Your Life?

Thank You Teachers

Maybe Not Your Average Joe

My Week in Tweets

Addressing the Nation, and History

Masks... Are You Feeling Safe?

Three Big Stories, an Even Bigger Story of Change

My Week in Tweets

Earth Day... How are You Feeling?

Guilty On All Charges

A Different Way to Cover Gun Violence

Our Longest War

My Week In Tweets

How Do We Reckon with the Role of Police in America? The Midweek Question

Those Who Fail to Learn from History...

Play Ball

My Week In Tweets

What is Your Experience with COVID Vaccines? The Midweek Question

The Press and the Party of No

On Being (Or Not Being) Prepared

My Week in Tweets

Tweets Aren't Governance

How Are We Doing? The Midweek Question

Sowing Awe

My Week In Tweets

Biden Meets the Press

What Questions Should Be Asked About Gun Violence? The Midweek Question

An American Tragedy, Repeated

A Strategic Blunder of Historic Proportions

My Week in Tweets

How important is President Biden's first press conference? The Midweek Question

A "Heroic Age" of TV News?

A Moment for Reflection (The Weekend Watch)

My Week In Tweets

What Will You Do (After the Vaccine)? The Midweek Question

Do Republicans Believe in Democracy? The press needs to start asking.

My Week in Tweets

Are You Willing to Pay for the News? (The Midweek Question)

Far Away, and Together

Jim Crow Is Not Dead... And Why We Should Care

My Week in Tweets

An Important Note for Our Readers and Subscribers

Midweek Question: How do we memorialize our loss?

"Yay, Science!"

Be Prepared

My Week in Tweets

We Need Answers

Midweek Question: How have you been impacted by climate change?

A Deep Freeze

My Funny Valentine

What Now?

Law and Order*

My Week in Tweets

Truth and Reconciliation

A Moment for Reckoning

Midweek Question: How will history judge this moment?

A Date to Remember (Now Often Forgotten)

The Echoes of January 6

Thank You

My Week in Tweets

Enough About Me, Let's Hear from You...

Wherefore Art Thou, Twitter?

The Press In the Time of Biden 

73 Seconds to the Sky

Pleased to "Meet" You

Harriet Tubman Honored

"Have a Nice Weekend?" (Really?)

America the Beautiful

A New Chapter...