Bridging the Divide

The Midweek Conversation

There is a sense that America is more divided than it has been in a long time, and these divides are only growing worse. We can see these divides defined by no shortage of metrics. Vaccine rates. Believing the Big Lie. How we reckon with our nation’s history. 

There is also a sense that these divides are being reinforced through physical and virtual separation — that we are more isolated in where we live and how we consume news and media from those with whom we differ on politics. Blue counties get more blue. Red counties get more red. And of course the discourse online gets more polarized and vitriolic. 

What I would like to discuss in our midweek conversation is how you are experiencing these divides in your personal, family, and professional lives. Do you see opportunities for bridge building? Have relationships been harmed or healed? Do you see only entrenchment or the opportunity for movement? 

There is understandably great distrust. And the stakes that propel our disagreements strike at the very heart and function of our democracy. We will need to find ways to unite that don't compromise core values or come at the expense of the more marginalized groups of our society. 

So with all this said, I am really curious to hear from all of you about where you live and what you are seeing. As always, my hope is that this becomes a place for you to share your thoughts with each other while recognizing this can be a difficult discussion.

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Some ground rules for these Wednesday chats (and also the comments sections on other posts):

  • I want a space where people feel safe to express their views, as long as they are offered in good faith.

  • I want a space where ideas can be challenged, especially my own.

  • I want debate. But I want it to be civil.

  • I want people to come here with open minds, and open hearts.

  • I want this to be fun as well as serious.

We can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

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