We've Had Enough - Have You?

The Midweek Conversation

Earlier this week we were moved by the testimony in Congress in front of the select committee investigating the 1/6 attack on the Capitol to say that we had had "enough." We had had enough of those diminishing the seriousness of that day, obfuscating a perilous truth with their lies and self-serving silence. We had also had enough of those attacking vaccines as we struggle to get through this deadly pandemic, minimizing death and disruption going forward. 

Many of you weighed in the comments to that post, and we are always grateful for your participation. The quality and depth of the discourse is inspiring. We thought that for our midweek conversation we would try to keep talking about the January 6 attack and the vaccines. 

We were wondering, how engaged are you in the hearings, and are you talking to friends and family about it? What are they saying? Do they differ in politics from you? Where do you think the investigation might go? Who do you hope to hear from? What answers are you looking for?

And on the vaccine front, there have been a wave of mandates being issued in both the public and private sector. What do you think of these? Do you work in a place that will have a mandate? Have you talked to co-workers or family and friends about how this might impact where they work, and their thoughts on it?

This is a time of uncertainty, anxiety, and also change. We seem to be moving in some new directions even if the ultimate destinations are unclear. So please share your thoughts, and respond respectively to the comments of others. We at Steady are very proud of the community we are building and thank each and every one of you for being a part of it. 

Some ground rules for these Wednesday chats (and also the comments sections on other posts):

  • I want a space where people feel safe to express their views, as long as they are offered in good faith.

  • I want a space where ideas can be challenged, especially my own.

  • I want debate. But I want it to be civil.

  • I want people to come here with open minds, and open hearts.

  • I want this to be fun as well as serious.

We can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

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