Sitemap - 2023 - Steady

Walk On

2024 and the Future of American Democracy

Silent Night

How Can We Remain Steady?


"An Extraordinary Case"

Can These Two Women Help Save America?


We Remember

Is There Any Reason For Hope In the Middle East?

Don't Know Much

Are We Just Preaching to the Converted?

A Message of Thanksgiving

True Colors

The Vile Lies of Antisemitism

Desperate for Diplomacy

Trump 2.0

Veterans Day

Votes Count

The Power of a Breath

All These Emotions

Sometimes There's Only Tragedy


Dear Maine

Speaker Big Lie

The More Things Change...

Fields of Gold

A Very Short Letter to House Republicans

Truth Is A Casualty

Beethoven and Bernstein

Anger and Sadness

Ancient Footprints

Our Common Humanity

It's Not "Congress" or "Washington"

Petulance Over Patriotism

The Arts

What Is Happening?

The Debate and the Shutdown

He Was Always A Fraud

Both Sides Now

Gaga Over Putin

Seven Years Ago

Marathon? Sprint? Politics? Life?

We Shall Overcome

60 Years Ago in Birmingham

The Age of Biden

Questions on 9/11

You Are My Sunshine

Tragedy in Morocco

China Looms

Honoring Labor


Climate Matters

We Have A Date

2024, What Are You Thinking?

What Are You Reading?

Outside The Law

A Stage Without Trump

A Case For Government

Homegrown Tomatoes

The Battle To Save Public Education

A Fourth Indictment

The Mountain’s Voice

Paradise Burns

Why Am I (Still) Speaking Out?

Democracy Is Precarious

The Boxer

Our Fragile Freedom


An Anniversary of Progress

More Charges

How It's Supposed To Work

Tony Bennett

Teach The Truth

My "Mall Rat" Workout

Conduct Unbecoming

The House That Built Me

Texas Shame

Out Of This World

The MAGA Party

Hope Amidst the Heat


Lessons of the Fourth

A Rediscovered American Voice

Faltering Fairness

Reflecting on Pride Month

It's Hot! Hot! Hot!

A Time For Steadiness


Vaccines Save Lives

Another War Rages

Father's Day Songs

Mother To Son


Cormac McCarthy

Old Friends, Memories, and the Work


Bad Air

June 6

Teach Your Children

Can Fine Print Trump Bombast?

Don't Look Now, But...

Memorial Day

What Constitutes "National Security?"

Simply The Best

Pathetic Political Pantomime

The Can-Can

Preparing for Summer

A State Attacks Its Universities

Trump's Brazen Misogyny

The Music of the Typewriter

Trump Is Gifted A Megaphone


It Don't Mean A Thing

Another Horrific Shooting

Trying to Say Goodbye to COVID

Cultivating Reasons For Hope

Mama's Magnolias

Harry Belafonte

The Danger of "Horse Race" Politics

Tuckered Out

Biden Take 2

The Lark Ascending

An Activist Court

Fox "News"

Is Anyone Accountable?

A Magical Guitar

Stop It

A Supreme Mess

Again (Again)

Blue Skies

Injustice in Nashville

A Great Piece of Journalism

A Lesson From Wisconsin

A Different Politician's Story

A Superstar Shines in the Spotlight

The News Of The Day

Standing Up For Democracy

A Change Is Gonna Come

A Crisis of Confidence

How Should We Cover Trump?

The First Day of Spring

An Anniversary We Should Remember

Steady Leadership?

An Ode to the Madness of March

Preventing Disaster

Together Again

A Reckoning?

A Life In Congress

Thank You

Does "Anti-Wokeness" Resonate?

Hello. How Are You ?

Not Just An Accident


A Year of War

Weathering The Weather

Presidents' Day

A Beautiful Morning

Fox Spews

Primary Stakes

Happy Valentine's Day

What The World Needs Now Is Love

Patient Joe

Biden's State of the Union

The State Of The Union Is...?

I'd Rather Be A Crooked Tree

A Trial Balloon?

Race Matters

Lowering the Barr

Tragedy in Memphis

Resisting Despair

Like A Tree Planted By The Water

Awakening To Tragedy

A Supreme Mess

Hate Rises Again

Thank You

My Question for Dr. King

Music Of A Movement

Happy New Year, Mr. President?


It Ain't Over

Minority Leader

A Somber Anniversary

Burning Down The House

A Cyclone of Crazy