Congratulations, Graduates! (Our Midweek Conversation)

As the weather warms, there is new attire for the season. I’m not just talking about short sleeves and sunglasses, but rather caps and gowns. And hopefully a lot of smiles. Graduations are always a recognition of accomplishment, but this year’s ceremonies are especially hard-won in the face of the biggest public health crisis in a century which shattered the normal tempo of education. It’s all the more reason to celebrate.

I threw this out there on Twitter a few days ago with some hopes that it would elicit a response. I was overwhelmed by what happened next.

The flood of hundreds of pictures and stories that hit the comments section was inspiring, especially at a time when the news is so bleak. Graduations are moments of beginnings and endings, of nostalgia and hopes for the future. They are times for tears of joy and recognition of the passage of time.

When I started this Steady community, I wanted it to be a place where we could collectively push back at cynicism and embrace our dreams and sense of togetherness. So with this in mind, I ask you to share your own graduation stories and pictures. Unlike Twitter, you have more than 280 characters. And I know from past comments section many of you are prolific and evocative writers.

Is there a graduate you want to highlight? Do you have renewed hope for the future? Have you heard any words of wisdom at a particular commencement address? Do you have a story from past years worth noting? Let's share our pride and love.

Thanks as always for adding your voice and engaging with the Steady community.

Some ground rules for these Wednesday chats (and also the comments sections on other posts):

  • I want a space where people feel safe to express their views, as long as they are offered in good faith.

  • I want a space where ideas can be challenged, especially my own.

  • I want debate. But I want it to be civil.

  • I want people to come here with open minds, and open hearts.

  • I want this to be fun as well as serious.

We can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

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