I am re-subscribing. I find your essays to be essential to my understanding of today's news in a historical context. Your essays keep me sane!!

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Mr. Rather:

Let's tone it down a notch, eh? This isn't encouraging thoughtful reflection, but more rash action.

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"Trump sees himself as an alpha male who has a birthright to pick on anyone he sees as weak. We have seen that with groups marginalized based on race, religion, sexual orientation, physical handicaps, and certainly gender. " These are the same people Hitler selected for "special treatment" early on in the Nazi regime.

I hope by now thinking observers understand "Why the Nazi Analogy Matters." https://davidlsmith.substack.com/p/why-the-hitler-analogy-matters-17-01-22

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"Sexism is baked into our society." So is racism, but you can't teach that in white GOP states trying to rewrite history by eliminating the truth from textbooks, teacher presentations, etc That's the best way to prevent students from developing critical thinking skills, which are anathema to Republicans. Maybe the GOP's next boogeywoman should be "Critical Sex Theory" and eliminate books that mention Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Ida B. Wells, Margaret Chase Smith and other women up to this day who have been and still are victims of systematic sexism.

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The Trump administration highlighted the sexism and misogyny naturally present in the GOP's ideology, like the Obama presidential campaign dusted off its racism. Regressives are eager for their opportunities to further regress.

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Another piece of evidence that confirms his disrespect for women was his Mother's Day rant, which said absolutely nothing about his own mother, his present wife and mother to his youngest child, his other wives who produced his children, or his daughter and daughter-in-laws that are raising his grandchildren. I have no words for this poor excuse for a gentleman, except that he isn't one.

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Trump is a monster who never faced consequences for his belligerent and abusive behavior. Treating women as disposable Stiffing workers, not paying for contracted services, treating those with less monetary resources as his personal serfs. AND he is exactly who and what the fascist cult/Republican Party/billionaire/multi millionaire/religious cult phony Christian establishment depend on to create political, chaotic and educational division. He’s a piece of trash/garbage low life and exactly why he’s their chosen one. He will never pay in this life for his evil actions.

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Thank you for this. I also felt it was ignored.

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Beautiful. Thank you so much.

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Thank you, Dan Rather, especially for the last paragraph. It may well be strong women who will lead the way out of this misogynistic mess we are in.

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I am a native Houstonian living in Tennessee. My bride and I have been devotees of your reportage since your KHOU days.

This is not so much a response to this excellent post as a general reflection - “On The State of Things.” I is gratefully and respectfully submitted for your consideration . . .

“On the Sate of Things”

by Darrell A. Harris

Blue state, red state

Deep state, dead state

I’m not braggin’ ‘bout the state I’m in

I can’t dance or do sudoku and I sure ain’t thin

But don’t worry what I think of you

I’d never want to make your brown eyes blue

Cobwebs, spiderwebs

Inter-webs, Dark web

The webs around us have us all hemmed in

It’s a sticky, icky, tangled, tricky trap they spin

Let’s flip the script and let’s reset the clock

And get this twisted system out of hock

Bad start, good start,

Jump start, restart

Let’s pull and plug and all begin again!

©2023 Darrell A. Harris. All Right Reserved. Used b=By Permission.

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What shocks me is that anyone could and will listen to anything that comes from his lying mouth in the first place . Stop giving him a platform, or at least put up a warning label like the networks do for offensive programming

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I have little trust and respect for the American 'elite', whether a minority or not, to me they have their own agendas they sell and trade with politicians. Trump is a clown, juggling his act for his freedom and a diversion for the American elite to distract the American public from their own endeavors for more wealth and power.

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Trump is a self professed molester, was it a stretch to convict a man on a charge he admitted doing many times????

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Magnificently and clearly espoused - as usual. Thank you both for this commentary.

Of the myriad factors contributing to the utter evil that is Trump, his poisonous misogyny is very near the the top of the list.

It must never be taken for granted, ignored, or excused. It must constantly be called out again, and again, and again.

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Michealene, you are right. I get frustrated watching the glacial pace at which this is being handled. But I definitely believe, what goes around, comes around.

I am trying to be patient and put my energy into a justice group at my church. It helps.

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