In the steaming crucible of Philadelphia's Independence Hall, where the ghosts of the Constitutional Convention still linger, a saga unfolds. Giants like George Washington, the stoic titan of war, Benjamin Franklin, the razor-sharp sage, Alexander Hamilton, the fierce federalist, and James Madison, the cerebral architect, huddled in this cauldron of revolution.

Madison, ablaze with a zeal to overhaul the feeble Articles of Confederation, masterminded this pivotal assembly. His iron-willed vision set the battleground for debates that would forge a nation. For four grueling months in 1787, these intellectual gladiators clashed, hammering out the U.S. Constitution through a maelstrom of debate and uneasy compromise.

Whispers of this monumental undertaking seeped out, fueling public discourse with shards of revelation. The Constitution, birthed by the era's elite, emerged as a manifesto for all, summoning leaders to protect and elevate the collective ethos of "We The People."

Now, with the fabric of these ideals under siege, a clarion call resounds. It's a siren song for the American spirit, snoozing in the lap of complacency as authoritarian shadows encroach.

The American Experiment teeters precariously. The antidote? A fiery resurgence of reason and critical thought to reignite public debate's flames. More than passive citizenship, this moment screams for engagement in the trenches of local politics, to counter the siren song of authoritarianism with unyielding truth and action.

Democracy’s decay is a silent stalker, prowling through apathy. The time to rise is now. We're beckoned to a revolution of mind and spirit, to awaken, see clearly, and stand defiant.

In today's convoluted America, independent thought and a quest for justice are acts of rebellion against historical amnesia, keeping democracy’s lifeboat afloat in turbulent seas.

Our democracy’s salvation demands sacrifice – sweat, tears, and even the almighty dollar. It calls for rallying behind leaders who mirror our founding ideals, echoing the struggles of our forefathers.

This is our charge: to uphold and invigorate the Constitution, the soul of our nation.

Let’s plunge into the heart of America’s flirtation with the seductive pull of fascism and democracy’s slow death. What's needed to jolt the slumbering beast of American consciousness?

We hover on the brink of oblivion, with the clock ticking like a bomb in a shaking room. The Great American Experiment gasps for air, while we’re entranced by screens, adrift in misinformation and trivial pursuits.

A renaissance of the mind, a blaze of enlightenment, is needed to cut through ignorance's fog. We must inject a potent mix of facts and critical thinking into the public’s bloodstream to awaken the dormant heart of discourse.

Action? It’s time to upend the political playground. Democracy is a bloodied, mud-splattered fight for our nation’s soul, not a spectator sport. We must delve into the dirt of local politics, where real wars are won and change’s seeds are planted.

But this battle is more than rallies and ballots. It's a war for the collective psyche, against authoritarianism’s allure and demagogues’ easy answers. We must confront our apathy and counter it with truth.

As democracy withers in indifference’s shadow, the time for action is now. We need a revolution of mind and soul. We must wake up, wise up, and rise up.

In today's twisted carnival of America, the ultimate rebellion is to think independently and fight for justice. That's how we keep democracy’s ship from sinking into the abyss of forgotten history.

In the swirling tempest of our current political climate, every individual's contribution to the American political system is vital. Engaging in the democratic process, whether through informed voting, participating in community discussions, or supporting the political causes and candidates that resonate with your values, is crucial.

This civic participation is the fuel that keeps the fire of democracy burning bright, ensuring that the voices of "We The People" continue to shape the future of our nation. Remember, in the grand tapestry of American democracy, every thread – every voice, every action – contributes to the strength and vibrancy of the whole.

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He certainly should NOT be elected!!

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Nov 19·edited Nov 19

You get the president you deserve. If Americans got what they deserved, they live in a right-wing dictatorship in which people are routinely kidnapped and tortured to death, their mutilated corpses dumped in the middle of busy intersections or hung from telephone poles in their family's neighborhood.

American values, the character of Americans, is pretty base and ugly. Americans just spent fifty years overthrowing democracies and supporting right-wing dictatorships notorious for mass murder and torture. It turns out that America DOES torture. The only torture in Cuba since the Revolution all takes place at the US torture facility at Guantanamo.

Even "the left." You can dress nicely, never use bad language, live in a nice, White suburb and sit in the front row at church every morning, but if you're not actively and violently opposing American mass murder and torture, don't you deserve to be subject to what you've subjected your victims to for so long? Your elected representatives have supported every single Latin American right-wing dictatorship in history, all of them notorious for mass murder and torture. Your elected representatives have been giving the only apartheid state in the world billions of free American tax dollars every year to subject the defenseless native Palestinian people to systematic, violent racist oppression, including mass murder and ethnic cleansing. You murdered 3,000,000 Vietnamese, mostly civilians. Your representatives have given money and support to the Indonesian dictator while he systematically murdered 1,000,000 defenseless civilians for their "suspected communist sympathies." You waged to illegal wars and murdered hundreds of thousands of children.

Scab of a nation, driven insane.

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I often read the insights of leftists. First of all, they’re often hilarious, but I also see them as a kind of medical chart for 1/3 of the country.

It’s been convincingly documented that a significant population within the leftist sphere suffers from one or more mental disorders. I’ve read that as many as 40% of leftist women rely on medications to get through their day.

Leafing through the popular issues among the left it’s not a surprise.

But imagine the cognitive dissonance of leftists who fancy themselves intellectually gifted and unusually insightful, attempting to wax eloquently to their medicated ilk.

And add to that kind of ego, the lack of self respect one must have to live life as un-ironic Dan Rather.

Wew lads.

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Anyone who thinks this call to vote like you life depends on it is hyperbole have their heads in the sand or up their....

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As usual this column is very valuable.

I have spent some time in Germany. My German colleague once said to me,"The little man in the street hadn't read "Mein Kampf". He faulted the judges, who should have realized what Hitler was up to. For all the lies that Trump has told, I think we need to take him at his word for his stated vision of what amounts to a Fascist government he would establish. The blueprints are there. I think we need to do all we can to sound the alarm.

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Absolutely frightening!

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“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

- Mark Twain

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Keep that concern. Complacency in the 2016 election led to the Orange Menace the first time around. We (the sane) need to stay convinced of the possibility of losing so that every one of us votes and sends a clear message that we are the majority. We will not be silenced. And most importantly, fascism is not welcome here.

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Donald Trump is totally out of control and frightening in his reckless, vitriolic, vicious and malicious rhetoric. The implications of potential actions Trump would take if reelected should shock citizens, particularly those who identify as Republicans, into action to strongly reject the fascists, authoritarian extremism Trump is espousing. Silence is complicity and inexcusable cowardice given the stakes involved. It is everything that allowed Hitler to destroy Germany and plunder Europe. If America has become so debased, immoral, unethical and practices religious hypocrisy to elect an incompetent, vicious, malevolent, criminal, authoritarian demagogue like Donald Trump as President again, America deserves to fall hard. There would be nothing to be proud of in a country that chooses to have someone of such a psychologically damaged and self-serving bent lead this nation. Our standing in the world would plummet and we would be viewed as just another corrupt broken nation that citizens just gave up on. If that is what would define the character of this country, then the American dream is dead. Voting for Trump is unpatriotic and un-American. Allowing Trump to continue unabated is a suicide pact for democracy and decency. I have always been proud to be an American but am not proud of what America is becoming with Trump and his Republican MAGA militia.

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"Group Think". "a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome". tRump, MAGA, Republican Party and their Supporters. These all Are A Grave Danger to The United States, Freedom and Democracy.

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I am past disappointed. For the first time in my many years, I am afraid.

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The most important thing we can do is exercise our right to vote and get others to do so. We must defeat the man who would destroy our democracy!

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I'm very afraid of what this country would become if #45 were re-elected. The comments/threats he has made concerning what he plans to do is horrifying. My fervent prayer is that the States will enforce the 14th Amendment and keep him off the ballot.

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God help us. Thank you Mr. Rather for being clear-sighted and clear-voiced. My hero for many years.

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