Dan. Why do people vote for the Republicans when they have no platform except to destroy Medicare, Social Security and Women's right to choose? Why do they vote against their own interests? Don't they realize that the Republicans have jumped off the cliff and support only those things that give them power, control and tax breaks! To them, the end justifies the means!

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Have been writing letters through Vote Forward that will be sent next week to encourage people to vote!

Can STEADY promote this effort thru Vote Forward to help increase turnout? (Realizing that might not be possible)

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You don’t believe he told armed protesters at the Ellipse to go and fight on Jan 6? Have you watched the hearings? He knew they were armed and that they weren’t there to hurt him-he sent them to disrupt the proceedings at the Capitol-he knew there would be violence-but he kept quiet and refused to ask them to disperse or desist. My guess-he wanted to declare martial law and remain in the Oval-but that’s just my humble opinion.

Donald Trump was a shyster businessman in nyc and he was a shyster politician in the White House. He cannot tell the truth about anything and he refuses to acknowledge that he lost the election, seeking to defraud the American people of the results of our election and far too many people of their hard-earned money.

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A very different country indeed if Republicans and Trumpites take hold. A terrifying spectre for many.

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Hello Marek,

Yes I am Jewish and a menber of Chabad. I completely reject your premise concerning Trump. I feel in many ways he was the worst president for Jews in many years. His moving the embassy to Jerusalem was a publicity stunt that had no real effect. It was another chance for Trump to promote Trump.

Certainly previous presidents have made errors in dealing with Israel and the Jewish people. I was aghast at the giveback of Iran's assets as part of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Trump was dead wrong with his Ukraine policies, trying to extort Zelenskiy for his own political purposes. He held back aid that was crucial to Ukraine's ability to defend itself because he wanted cover for his absurd election lies and his misguided campaign to go after Hunter Biden. He did this because he knew Biden would be his opponent and that he could not measure up.

Trump recently spewed anti-semitic threats about Jews, complaining that he was not getting the credit he deserves.

“No President has done more for Israel than I have," the former president wrote on his Truth Social platform. "Evangelicals are far more appreciative of this than the people of the Jewish faith, especially those living in the U.S." This is the man who you think was good for the Jews?

His simplistic and confused world view led him to be a puppet for Putin. Make no mistake about it, the war in Ukraine is as much about the Jewish population there as anything else.

Above all else, as a Jewish observant man, I believe our leaders must have a moral compass that leads them to make moral decisions. Trump has not one shred of morality in his being.

History will judge Trump as an aberration and rate him at the bottom of the pile.

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I often refer to the difference between the left and right as Disney Versus Nature.

Judging from the miserable pain stricken demeanor of these comments, Disneyland has devolved into a Halloween House of Horror.

Terror is the only tool left in the party and media toolbox. One claims She wants to jump off a cliff!

Most sentient beings seek comfort. What motivates people to seek such pain? Or is it just a put on?

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Oct 20, 2022·edited Oct 20, 2022


Steve Bannon and billionaire GOP donors are plotting to call a Constitutional Convention, having gerrymandered 31 state legislatures, to dramatically change the Constitution as we know it to take over America, though in the minority. PLEASE read this article! Below is the link and the full article copied and pasted here. People must vote on more than the price of eggs!


Steve Bannon pushing right-wing plot to radically rewrite the Constitution as soon as next year

Steve Bannon will be sentenced this week for contempt of Congress and faces additional criminal liability for his role in Jan. 6, but the former White House chief strategist is moving closer to radically rewriting the U.S. Constitution to match his right-wing extremist mindset.

Ahead of his possible prison term, Bannon has been devoting recent episodes of his online "War Room" program to the Convention of the States that's backed by billionaire GOP donors and corporate interests that would drastically revise the constitution to limit the size and scope of the federal government and give far greater power to corporations and their wealthy owners, reported The Guardian.

“This is another line of attack strategically,” Bannon told viewers last month. “You now have a political movement that understands we need to go after the administrative state.”

Tea Party co-founder Mark Meckler heads the Convention of the States Action, one of the largest proponents of the tactic, has appeared on Bannon's program to spell out the movement's anti-democratic nature aimed at preventing progressive policies from being implemented by Democratic presidents.

The problem is, any time the administration swings back to Democrat – or radical progressive, or Marxist which is what they are – we are going to lose the gains," Meckler said. "So you do the structural fix.”

Article V of the Constitution sets out two ways to revise the founding document, and all 27 amendments so far have been approved by two-thirds majorities in the House and Senate and then ratified by three-quarters of the states, but Meckler and other right-wing activists want to choose the other route and have two-thirds of all 50 state legislatures call a constitutional convention of their own.

This is something that can happen very quickly," said Rick Santorum, a former GOP senator who advises Meckler's group. "We are a lot further along than people think.”

Groups linked to hedge fund manager Robert Mercer and conservative legal activist Leonard Leo are helping to fund these efforts, and extreme partisan gerrymandering have allowed Republicans to double their control of state legislatures from 14 in 2010 to 31 this year, and a convention of the states would give each state one vote -- dramatically increasing the power of small rural states over populous progressive states.

We have the opportunity, as a result, to have a supermajority, even though we may not even be in an absolute majority when it comes to the people who agree with us,” Santorum told a private meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council late last year.

Republicans could be able to fast-track these efforts if they take back both houses of Congress next month.

“If the Republicans prevail in Congress, they could try to call a convention right away,” said former Democratic senator Russ Feingold, co-author of a new book, The Constitution in Jeopardy, warning against this threat. “People should know that when they go to vote in November – this could fundamentally undermine their rights in a way that is both disturbing and permanent.

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That reply was to Selina!

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The POLLS are even manipulating you, Dan Rather! Read Michael Moore’s #TRUTHS on Substack (he’s writing them from his Covid sick bed)! HE predicted trump’s 2016 win when the polls said she would win by 85% the DAY of the election ‼️ STOP LISTENING TO POLLS--get involved--talk to voters, take someone to vote 🗳

And let’s PROVE money 💰 cannot continue to buy VOTES & VOTEVOTEVOTE ‼️

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To quote Winston Churchill: Never Give In: This is the lesson: Never give in, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty-never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.

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Already voted!

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We must remind all citizens that voting is the foundation of democracy on which a democratic government stands or falls. Remember Lincoln's 21/2 min. address at Gettysburg when he said and profoundly meant; that a) government of the people is created by the votes of people, b) government by the people is built by the votes of people, and c) government for the people is established by the majority votes of the people. We must not shame the 600,000 martyrs of civil war and make our forefathers roll in their graves! I agree with Elizabeth and Phyllis that we must concentrate on getting people to the ballot box

Ben Zechariah

Emeritus Professor & Special Lecturer

Columbia University

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Looking like a high turnout for mid-terms.

Bill Clinton: "It's the economy, stupid!"

Epoch times:

"Republicans have argued that vote-by-mail leads to increased chances of fraud, while former President Jimmy Carter and former White House official James Baker warned in 2005 that “absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.”

“State and local jurisdictions should prohibit a person from handling absentee ballots other than the voter, an acknowledged family member, the U.S. Postal Service, or other legitimate shipper, or election officials,” the Carter–Baker commission report said. “The practice in some states of allowing candidates or party workers to pick up and deliver absentee ballots should be eliminated.”"


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Assuming they are a reasonably accurate marker for current sentiment, I really don't understand why the polls are leaning Republican. Where is all the ire that Democrats said they feel about saving democracy and protecting the rule of law, women's rights, gun control, and the imbalance and overreach of the Supreme Court to name a few? Are Americans really just about the money in our bank accounts and stock portfolios? Look, I'm financially strained, too. But the worse part is how, as you say Dan, we tend to blame the party in power if our finances go south or praise them when our finances are better. Why do we keep falling prey to the same lame logic? Don't we have eyes to see that the world is saddled and struggling under high inflation? Can't we see past the pain of high prices to accept the fact that the COVID pandemic led to drastic supply chain and production problems, worsened by the greed of those companies that can hold us hostage with ridiculously high prices? Add on the twisted politics of Trump-Putin-Saudi Arabia and viola, we get massive inflation worldwide.

Under Trump, the Democrats fought for and got a lifeline to millions of Americans with the unemployment bonus, relief checks, PPP loans to small and not so small businesses (Trump and his cronies cashed in big time for millions that were supposed to go to small companies, not mega corporations.) In the face of all of this, if Democrats decide not to vote, Independents sway to the right, and Republicans back their own and gain control of the House and/ or Senate, to me that is a moral failure due to a stubborn refusal to see past our own noses. Biden's accomplishments in less than two years are nothing short of stunning, even in the setting of McConnell, Manchin, and Sinema. It's like The New Deal on steroids! Infrastructure alone is worthy of praise. Four previous presidents couldn't get it done. He did. This will generate hundreds of thousands of jobs, plus repair an aged-out network of roads, bridges and water systems. He got climate control and finally the Feds will negotiate drug prices for Medicare.. We should be supporting him and show gratitude by voting to expand the Democratic majority in the House and Senate. Many of these wins would likely disappear under Republican leadership. Maybe some of us don't want him to continue to make progress for the working class and poor. Do we really want equal pay for women? Do we really want the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban?Do we really want Blacks to gain financial equity in housing and jobs? I could go on and on? Sometimes I get the sense that sickening elitism and bigotry are at work here. If all people do better, can obtain gainful employment, secure housing, and have access to quality, affordable health care--it's a win-win for them and the economy. Historically, it also lead to less crime and desperation. So what do Americans really want? Some may feel hopeless from a lifetime of deprivation. I can at least empathize with them. But, relinquishing their right to vote is just what those who push voter suppression laws want. Give up, don't vote, what's the point? The point is why do they fight so hard if voting weren't a powerful tool. Our vote is our voice, our voice matters, and you better believe our vote matters, too.

I pray to God that the polls are wrong or will change in the Democrats favor. But most of all, I pray that enough people will awaken from their media-fueled, self-induced coma, and vote for the Democrats to retain or even grow their majority in the Senate and the House. Amen!

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I can`t even begin to approach Dan`s eloquence, but reading between the lines and putting his thoughts in plain English, I`ve concluded he is telling us Democrats may be in deep sh*t.

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Thank you Dan and Elliot, for your analysis and insight re an election that could change the USA forever. Women who want to be first class citizens and men who love women should vote for Democrats, regardless of what other issues inspire them, so that the right that was lost can be rightly restored. Individuals who do not believe conspiracy theories should vote for Democrats. Persons who have concern or compassion for folks on fixed incomes and do not desire to sabotage Social security should vote for Democrats. Enough examples. Anyone who gives a damn about this country must vote for Democrats.

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