Thanks Dan! On point as usual.

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I agree that it is time to turn from fossil fuel. There is one major roadblock that must be overcome. At this time, only wealthy people can afford electric vehicles and solar panels on their homes!

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Thank you for always being eloquent and honest. You are a great gift

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Thank you so much for writing about this. In June I’m completing my MFA in Design for Sustainability, and from my vantage point you are spot on!

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This is the reason things are the way they are. Please watch if you care.


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Hi Dan:

I doubt there is any one in our country who is unaware of the danger of burning fossil fuels. We all know we must stop and shift our energy to solar, wind, hydrogen, and nuclear sources. I would also bet there are few people who are unwilling to bear the increased cost of gasoline for our cars, IF WE WERE CERTAIN the shift was being done as quickly as possible. We desperately need visionary leaders in our government. "When our leaders have no vision, the people perish." (Proverbs 29). What a catastrophic situation we would find ourselves in, if our descendants would someday say of us, "they knew what to do, but did not have the courage to do so."

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here are again in my 80 years. let’s resolve to pour mote$ into alternative energy markets. also develope more wind turbine fields and solar cell collection fields and promote home solar energy business. and by all means rather than a gas car save up and buy an electric or natural gas or hydrogen fueled car.

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There is another pipeline in this country endangering our Great Lakes. It is called Enbridge Line 5 and it goes through the deep and rough Straits of Mackinac. It is over 60 years old. It needs to be shut down. Instead, the oil company ships from one province of Canada to another, via the lakes of Michigan. Enbridge wants to build a tunnel through the Straits; which by the time it is done will be a dinosaur. I am retired. Built my own house super insulated. And drive just once a week doing all my errands in one circuit. Ignore this issue and we could lose the largest supply of freshwater in the US.

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Thank you Dan and Elliot for weighing in on a topic of recurring concern.

When my husband and I first married in the late 1960's, we had a car purchased for him by his parents toward the last half of his time in college. The car was an unreliable and cheap Corvair that lasted only 66,000 miles. The car's heating system was unsafe, because carbon monoxide gas filled the passenger compartment. We drove in NE winter weather without heat and open windows. We had to travel with sand in the trunk for stability and with an extra clutch cable to replace the one that snapped frequently. The car "died" while my husband was in professional school and I was working as an underpaid research technician. Both my husband's parents and grandparents helped us purchase a new car. When my husband graduated and began his professional job, we made the decision to remain a one-car family. Based on that decision in the 1970's, we chose carefully to live near public transportation for over a decade and until a year after our second child was born. The demands of work and raising two children caused us to purchased a 14 year old car for local driving. We became a two car family, and when both children became teens, a three car family. During those energy greedy years, we did our best, although not enough, to behave environmentally responsible. By the time both our children finished college, we were back to two cars. My car was safe as long as I remained within a two mile radius of our home. My 16 year old car "died" in a parking lot about 1.5 miles from home. A short walk. For the next 20 years, my husband and I returned to the chosen pattern of the first 12 years of our marriage- sharing one car and living near public transportation. I felt good about returning to a more environmentally responsible way of life. Both our children, now with their own familes, made their respective homes about 1600 miles apart and in states different from ours. Ten months into the Covid pandemic, we realized the importance of moving physically closer to one of our children. Our new home is located in an area without the extensive public transportation we enjoyed in our home state. This is a car culture and much, much more difficult for working, volunteering, and sharing a car. Now that you read through this long background story, please try to judge gently people using a lot of the world's energy. Clearly, we all pass through stages of our lives wherein our needs for energy change. Encourage others to live the best they can at each stage to conserve as much energy as possible. Put your energy into worthy actions getting people elected to form local, state, and federal governments willing to build sustainable public transportation systems and enforce sustainable manufacturing of goods and agriculture. The global environmental crisis requires both the individual and collective energy economies. Cheap (relatively) and available energy from fossil fuels created the opportunity for independent transportation, i.e., cars. The unintended consequences were, for example, acid rain (mostly solved), severe global warming, and political distress. We have ample incentives for alternate sources of energy developed by the brain power of our multi talented human race.

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Thanks, Dan. As usual, your words are spot on.

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Not arguing with you Sir. But there are people out there who need to think for a minute.

POTUS Biden does NOT control gas prices. If, he alone had the power, he would lower prices immediately. He would be a fool not to do so. Think about it. Advantage would immediately go to Biden & the Democrats.

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As always, acutely right on. Thank you!

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We’re looking into getting an electric car but they are so expensive. I know In the long term it will the better choice but sticker shock!

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OK, I know I got a clip, where back when Oil hit $147 a barrow. NOTE: that came from annalists' figures. WHERE, globally, 1% short on production vs daily use. again 1% just 1. Now we`re facing whole lot more in percentages 7-10 %?

OK, back to 2007 in think, where we hit that $147 mark a barrow. ( Futures Market) OH Note, it fell back down to $35 a barrow. BUT, gasoline wasnt going back down at the pump. WHY?

So, back to clip, It had to be the House committee over energy that called in the big Oil CEO`s in.

Which was funny, for the "head" of the committee was from Alaska. NOTE: he got two houses and over 250K in cash from Big Oil. He elected to "NOT" swear them in..

Which met, they didnt have to answer any questioning. Watching this SHOW, I ask, why hold this thing in the first place, funny if not so, that`s it was just laced with corrupt!

WHYANY, one lady on the 6 members seating on that committee, She was from California.

Kept pushing the issue on WHY as to prices staying high when Oil went down.

Those that can remember, then, News HEAD LINES read, Well, We have a Gasoline shortages, Not Oil. There just wasn't enough "gasoline "in" its self" still, WHY.

After 30-45 minute back and forth over 'Well they CEO`s NOT being swore in, dont have to answer the question. FINALLY Rex Tillson, Ex-CEO of Exxon Mobile, and Ex Sectary of State under Trump. Stepped up to answer that question.

AS to WHY, and here in California With a NEW refinery, BUT Closed down!

Question NOW was, why was it closed down.

Rex T. replied, "For Profit"

That House member for Cal.. Said after, "Well people will see and raise up to this" still has`nt.

I am from Texas Too, was in AG. where and with the Oil and Gas leases. Friends in the Oil field, would let me know, prices will be going up soon. WHY, for they were Capping wells, which they "The Workers" would know they be lay-off soon. Last about two months when Oil go back up. Then, They have their jobs back.

Already a very OLD Game, by "Short supply the market", By false shortages by their own making.

TO ALL HERE,, So, how were we Exporter of Oil in 2019, then now we`re Importers, now. REMEMBER were Oil went - Minus- again Minus below -$40 a barrow. Trump coming out Nationally saying, "We Bought alot of Oil today. I asked Who`s We?

This is the same old game, also, as too what Banks did to us in the Housing bust. They shorted the future Market, Why, knowing they made a "the bust' was going. Government and mostly retirement funds took that hit. Your retirment, with multi wave effect across the board on economic problems and issues.

HERE in the USA, after Fracking drilling, yeah had some down effect as to air and water supply. maybe more?

Damage done, THEY "Oil" just need to OPEN the tap. I bet my bottom dollar on it. Problem at hand is so simple, "Just open the tap" they already have on line that was the Exporters of 2019.

NEXT, I am for Capitalism, dont get me wrong on that.

BUT, We got to get control of Monopiles. and I ask, where does it get to National security issue when Monopiles, Run a Mock over Country safety and stability.

Where greed for MORE Profit overrides, morality and need of Country?

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Dan. As long and the go to batteries in the Trucks and commercial vehicles first. At 75 i drive a little 93 Nissan D21 truck that my girlfriend left me when the passed. I take pristine care of it. I get 23 MPG. I know i'm selfish but i am in no hurry to ''change over'-until the big/commercial vehicles are there first. I still have no idea what you're doing with the batteries. It's like the spent fuel rods at a nuclear power plant. Beware short-term gratification.

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