How do you get your news?

When I started this Steady community here on Substack, I wondered, first and foremost, would anybody show up. I recognized that I was heading into an online territory that was only recently created - a topography that felt, at least to this old reporter, a bit like an uncharted wilderness. But I was comforted by the fact that many others seemed to have planted themselves in the newsletter/blogging world. And I have always been interested in finding new ways to report on the news and communicate with the public.

One can mark the phases of my life against the backdrop of the drastic changes that have occurred in my chosen profession. When I was growing up, newspapers were king, and many households read more than one daily newspaper. Now many places in America don’t even have a regular local paper. Radio helped me follow World War II, and I grew to maturity as a reporter with the rise of television. Back then it was just three broadcast networks; then came the explosion of cable. A digital revolution then beget an online ecosystem which has become a dense jungle of content in many forms, social media, apps, websites, streaming services, podcasts, etc.

For all the outlets, all the niches, all the competition, what does this change do for how we are getting our news? And how is it changing? Are we better informed? Hearing from more diverse voices? More overwhelmed? More distracted? More confused? How do each of you sort through the news? What sources do you turn to? These are the questions on which I would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to respond in any way you wish, but I would like to specifically ask if your news consumption has changed with the new presidential administration. Do you read or watch less news? More? Different sources? More or less on social media? Look for more news that isn’t about politics?

Thanks as always for adding your voice and engaging with the Steady community. 

Some ground rules for these Wednesday chats (and also the comments sections on other posts): 

  • I want a space where people feel safe to express their views, as long as they are offered in good faith.

  • I want a space where ideas can be challenged, especially my own. 

  • I want debate. But I want it to be civil

  • I want people to come here with open minds, and open hearts.

  • I want this to be fun as well as serious.

We can agree to disagree without being disagreeable. 

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