The absurdity of Garland's tenure continues: dragging his feet for 2 years before appointing a special counsel to investigate Trump (despite the clear satisfaction of the regulatory requirement of 'extraordinary circumstances') and less than 2 weeks before appointing one for Biden.

The real question I ponder is the apparent ease with which classified documents can be taken, and the absence of an effective tracking system (the Achives has no idea how any of which documents Trump retains and they had no idea that any documents were at Biden facilities).

We spend billions on national security...where is the money going?

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I would be tempted to give Biden a pass. I am beginning to wonder if someone is trying to make Biden look bad behind the scenes. Anyway investigations have to run their course. A number of those Republicans in both the US House of Representatives and The US Senate would like to overthrow Biden and put Trump back into office. I fear that there is a conspiracy to take Biden down. Remember a number of Republicans in both the US House of Representatives and The US Senate were behind the attack on The US Capitol on January 6,2021. I fear there is going to be another insurrection attempt against our Democratically elected President by Trump and his right wing supporters and the wealthy people that back these right wing supporters of Trump.

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I’m a little surprised that you’re so quick to judge President Biden. It’s very possible those documents were placed there by trump-loyalists, who are buried deep in our federal government. It’s a typical trump move. Even if it’s true, this situation isn’t anywhere near what Trump has knowingly done. It’s interesting that Garland has dragged his feet for two years on the Trump crimes but jumps on President Biden like a fly on sugar. Overall, I’m disgusted with the whole trump debacle. The situation you should be up in arms about is, why is the trump team still free?

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Really tired of all the games. Wondering if should be better attention on who’s doing the packing up when a president leaves and should they be given more time to go thru files. So “tit for tat” that it seems staged.

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It would be best if people waited for some conclusions based upon proven facts, before forming their opinions. It is almost impossible to believe that Joe Biden packed those cartons himself, and then, having done so, would have casually left them in a less than totally secure office which he occasionally used. If the material was important, why was it left, lying idle, for so long, as it covered the entire 8 years of the Obama presidency. Kristen Welker was obviously looking for a media moment when she used a totally admonishingly harsh tone to ask if he thought a garage was a proper place to store classified documents. Now we have the added pressure of the republicans forming committees to investigate further, seeking to tie Hunter Biden to the problem as he stayed in the Delaware home of his father. There is no chance this will be given a fair shot with the media! And the MAGA sycophants on FOX are in seventh heaven, practically selling tickets to the impeachment trial. Hard to believe this is America. Obviously there is a need to review and revise the procedures for departing administrators' files to preclude the possibility of any mistakes being made which might compromise not only the people involved, but also, our country depending upon the sensitivity and content of the material. I pray that Joe Biden will have the strength to wait this out. The least he deserves is the benefit of the doubt.............innocent until proven guilty, with emphasis on proven!!!

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Thanks for trying to keep at least this group "steady"!! I remember when Obama charged Biden with the task of deep research into curing cancer. It would not surprise me if we found out that those documents found in the President's possession this last week pertained to that assignment, as it is still a priority in Pres. Biden's mind. Various countries do research on curing cancer, and some of this research could easily be "classified". In other words, what I'm saying is that I don't believe there was anything nefarious in the retention of papers that the Pres. had. And, it could also be an innocent "oops" in packing. Either way, it's okay by me, because he has always acted on the side of light, not darkness. Just my takeaway on the latest.

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After a 30+ year career in document management systems, I am curious about the flip side of these stories……. How come the archives or whomever is in charge of these types of documents didn’t “notice” Mr Biden’s docs were unaccounted for? It appears in the case of Mr Trump, they did know he had them and requested their return more than once. I’m sure it’s a Herculean effort to manage all those documents and I am in no way casting shade on anyone……… seems almost most likely anyone could fail to return a document (or many) and fall into this predicament

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Has there ever been anything other than a wild ride? While hope remains, so does exhaustion. Taking deep breaths, getting some rest, and taking it one day at a time.

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The role of the National Archives in both classified document situations is murky. They have oversight but no real enforcement or authority? Past due to clarify the agencies role in preserving, protecting and safeguarding classified documents, so all elected officials can ensure Democratic ideals in the future.

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There’s an old saying we had back in the day at the department when we looked at something like this:

“There’s something that smells in Denmark, and it ain’t cheese!”

It’s really strange to me that these few “classified” documents were so easily “found” in President Biden’s old office. And then after that he has a “classified” document in his locked garage beside his Corvette in his Delaware home.

Give me a break.

Has Trump convinced someone to do more dastardly deeds, maybe?

How long has it been since President Biden has even been in this office?

Who had access to this office?

Who has been in this office since President Biden was last there?

Same questions with his garage in his Delaware home.

I wouldn’t put anything past Trump to do anything he can to divert attention from him and on Biden, just in an attempt to “muddy the waters” so to speak. It sounds just like something he’d do.

Let’s look at the comparison just a bit. Trump had “classified”, “top secret”, “secret” documents. He had them at his home, which in turn the National Archives had to serve a Federal Search Warrant on his home to locate them. He had documents scattered all over the grounds. In his office, storage rooms, living area, everywhere. Lord only know all the people that had access to these documents and what they all actually did with them in the year they had them. Then, documents are located in West Palm Beach in a public storage facility. Anyone that knows anything about these public storage facilities will know that any 10 year old can walk in them, and they are about as secure as your bathroom!

Now, we look at Biden’s “classified” documents. He had a few in his office, that apparently have been there since he left office as Vice President. How many years ago was this? And he had a “classified” document in his locked garage, beside his Corvette. When these documents were located, the National Archives were immediately contacted and all documents were immediately returned to them. It didn’t take any phone calls, Federal Subpoenas, nothing from the NA ti get them back.

This, though, raises an important question.

With Trump, the National Archives had bern on him since he left office in an attempt to get all these documents returned. To date, it’s been 2 years, and they still dint have all of them, last I heard reported. But with Biden’s documents, he “supposedly” had these in his office and locked garage for how many years since he left office as Vice President? And, National Archives has not said a word, noticed anything gone, sent no letters, no Federal Search Warrant. Nothing. We are talking about YEARS, not months.

Like I said at the beginning. “Something stinks in Denmark, and it ain’t the cheese.”

Now, I’m well aware that the time he was in this office where the documents were located is when he had recently lost his son. I know what grief does to a person . Makes your mind like a scrambled egg, and you can’t focus on much of anything. I fully understand this. I also understand that as the Vice President , he had full access to these documents and was able to take them to wherever he was working. But, this still doesn’t explain why the National Archives has not asked for them, written him about them, called him. Nothing. In years.

Either Trump had these documents put in these locations, which I wouldn’t doubt one bit, or these documents aren’t as “classified” as everyone is making them out to be.

Think about that!!!

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My concern is many Democrats online blaming Biden and ranting about his stupidity with the recovered documents without waiting to see what the facts are before making up their minds. Time to take a deep breath and wait for this all to play out.

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Wild and bumpy is when we need and appreciate Steady. Thank you both for all you do to keep us sane.

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Interesting the GOP didn’t find this a problem for trump until NOW‼️

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In leaving WH, George W. Bush had his missing millions of email scandal; Trump has his classified documents; and , now, Joe , too, has classified documents in question. I am more interested in changes being made on how folks leave the WH and VP office, while properly securing classified docs. Obama did it with no problem. But, others haven't. Left to their own devices is not working 100%. No way Garland was going to have a special counsel for one president and not for the other.

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I'm beginning to sound like a broken record. But again there were extenuating circumstances surrounding the taking of these documents by Vice-President Joe Biden. Beau Biden, his much loved son died of brain cancer May 30, 2015. Having lost all 4 of my adult children, 3 to various cancers, I can assure you this is the most devastating, mind numbing, event that can happen to a parent. This was the reason Joe decided not to run for the Presidency in 2016. Given then the state of his mind and physical being at this period, it's a wonder he could remember his name, let alone a handful of classified documents, which were kept locked. Then, it wasn't the National Archives or the FBI that found them. It was President Biden own lawyers who found the documents while cleaning the office to vacate it. These lawyers immediately contacted National Archives to retrieve the documents. Then they reported to the President. What did President Biden do? He asked the lawyers to check other places he stored documents in case there were more. More were found, again locked up in a garage near the President's Corvette. Why was the Corvette even mentioned? The documents weren't in the vehicle, But Corvette's are expensive sport cars and the media glommed on this to get more listeners or readers. We know from reporting that some of the hundreds of classified, including some top secret documents, that trump ordered delivered to Florida were taken from their folders and are now???? They were also stored with articles of clothing and food wrappers, These two incidents trump and Biden are about as similar as apples and bacon (even oranges would be more similar) I don't know why Vice-President Biden took, or had these documents in his possession. I assume he planned to use them as reference material for some project (memoirs, historical purpose) and when finished would have sent them off to the National Archives, but life (or in this case, death) got in the way. Why do I give President Biden the benefit of the doubt and not trump? Because trump is a semi-literate nincompoop with the reading skills of a third grader. In the future (2025 and onward) The National Archive needs to institute a check out system, similar to that used in Public Libraries. Most Presidents when leaving office write some sort of memoir - at least the literate ones do. The other thing we Democrats have to remember, is the most likely reason trump took those documents was to sell to our enemies. He may not read, but he sure as hell has his eye out for a buck, and he is a person without scruples or conscience

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I'm wondering why there aren't more protocols for keeping track of secure and secret documents? It would prevent both intentional and accidental removal of highly sensitive information vital to the security of the country.

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