So well stated. Thank you Dan Rather for continuing to be a voice for the truth in these matters.

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Its hard to handle the truth. I once had a gift subscription to Mother Jones Magazine, I asked my friend to cancel because the truth was scary. Our democracy has always been fragile, but I always felt we had enough faith in our constitution with its checks and balance provisions to survive. I was not so sure after what happened after Trump's election in 2016 and the response to Biden's election by the GOP that we are out of the woods yet. I am older than Dan so its hard to be steady.

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I'm sorry. This was not an insurrection. There were no guns. No bombs. In fact, it was one person killed...a (still unidentified) government official/cop that shot a female veteran point blank, killing her. You might want to be thankful that a REAL insurrection didn't occur. Now we have a capital surrounded by razor wire and armed troops. Now that's scary to me. Just my two-cents.

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Jan 6th....that isn't even as big as all the rioting and businesses shuttered in the rest of the country...what sb done about those? And they continue

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This is in reply to those below asking "How Did This Even Happen?"

Well one thing is becoming certain, it is not just some disaffected citizens. It is more.

Here are just a few investigations/writers already published on the past few years lead up til now:

CNP 101: Find Bill Moyers' Podcast "Shadow Network".

Also, TheBrainwashingOfMyDad.com, to start.

Also, and then, especially!, Nancy MacLean and DemocracyUnchained.

See #JennyCohn1. There is deep investigative work in her material.

Christian Triebert. Ditto.

The RawStory is picking us some threads.

The DeutcheWelle article on Evangelicals, Mental Illness, and Recruiting for the FarRight =>


Also understand the Algorithms: TheSocialNetwork.com

Oh, and the free online book (original one, about 2003?) TheAuthoritarians.org

You have your homework.

Together, it all begins to give a startling picture (plus more is coming out all the time now - Koch, Russia, Miller; Stone in the middle...)

If one looks at Trump's behavior and the people he LISTENS to, it appears he started with at least 6 Handlers, whom all knew that he would parrot whatever he heard last. (Recall the overnight reversals.) I propose only a partial list included/s Hannity/Ailes (Koch/Murdoch/WealthySouthernWhiteSupremacists), Melania/Bannon/Giuliani (Putin/Oligarchs), Stone (himself?, and through him, Millitias?), Steven Miller (euphemism: WhiteNationalists), Pence (Evangelicals), Pompeo (BigOil/Coal), Michael Flynn (military/gov't hawks), various Press Secretaries, Appointees and Advisors (various CNP members), etc.; ALL members of/directed by the same group...

Trump is only a Symptom/Agent (if a runaway one, now; to CNP consternation).

Other members: beyond the obvious - The McConnells and Senators who promote the Big Lie, many Last-Admin-appointed positions, including Cabinet, State and Local Governments, most Conservative think tanks - there are many members who are much more quiet and hidden. You get the idea; I encourage following all the above sources for a bit. What's really happening has been fermenting 150, 75, 60 years; then 40 years ago they joined forces. There is infiltration on all levels in EVERY agency. Help Spread the Word of this, Please, All.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about how 1/6 was even able to happen. It’s obvious that it was a well-planned attempted coup, but who was actually the mastermind behind it. It’s also obvious that Trump lit the fuse, but who gave him the match? In other words, who is the puppet and who is the puppet master? Let’s assume Trump is the puppet, then from all of Trump’s past actions, it stands to reason that Putin is the puppet master. And the strings holding the puppet are ego, money, power, and incompetence. Putin is a master at knowing which string to pull, when and how to control them. But, does Putin have an “assistant”? Again, considering all past indications, I suspect Steve Bannon. So, now that we’ve determined who is controlling the puppet, what about the other puppets in the play – the Republicans. It stands to reason that those puppets are being played by Mitch McConnell. He has been able to control the Senate during Obama’s presidency, Trump’s presidency, and is now controlling the Republican Senators during Biden’s presidency. Although he was going it alone during Obama’s presidency, his work of controlling the Senate was made that much easier once Trump became president. He has been able to exploit that fact until Biden became president and the Senate majority switched to the Democrats. Consequently, he knew he needed to change tactics. I doubt he anticipated Trump’s continued strangle hold on the Republicans, but reveled in that fact because it made his control of the Senate so much easier. So to reiterate: Who is the puppet and who is the puppet master? I believe the answer is that Putin is Trump’s puppet master, and McConnell is the puppet master of the Republican Senators – and even the House Representative’s under his behind the scenes control of Keven McCarthy. And President Joe Biden’s challenge is how to cut those puppet strings.

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I feel the same as Kris and Tamara, in that why are the Republicans in Congress wanting to just sweep this under the rug? They have continually ignored Trump’s abuse of power over and over again. I don’t understand it. I was a Republican until Trump was elected. And sadly I was seeing what the Republican Party was becoming under Trump. It’s ugly, not my Dad’s Republican GOP. I’m a Democrat now, and voted for Biden. The insurrection of 1/6 needs to be investigated, and everyone involved needs to be held accountable so this so our Country can move on.

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So I am open minded snd always look at both side as well as educate myself from both both left and right views and make my better judgment based on my research.

This write up is unbelievable! More people need to research both sides, all information right and left and then use common sense to decide the truth . We are living in unbelievable times !

MLK us rollin in his grave. Educate yourselves and research both sides views. If not , you’ll never be able to seek snd conquer the truth ......

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It's evident that too many Republicans are puffing the same rotten weed that Trump puffs.

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Dan: I love my country and you and believe most of what you write. However, the Ayn Rand snarky comment was uncalled for. I’m a recovering Republican, but a big fan of Ayn Rand’s approach to personal responsibility. I was very disappointed in that unnecessary comment.

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Thank you Dan. A commission is necessary so all the truth will come out and possibly convince the Trump camp of his mental instability and lack of conscience. Also, the media needs to be more responsible and less sensation seeking. Helen.

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Given that many in the GOP are trying to re-write the truth of what we witnessed on 1/6, the former Republican President fueled and supported the insurrectiin and some GOP members of Congress may have been involved in supporting the insurrection, I don't understand why aren't we having an independent Special Counsel to investigate, as was done with Watergate, instead of having a Commission?

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Your words are so eloquent and so truthful! I am concerned about the same things that concern you and I want to thank you for putting it all out there for everyone else to see! (Now if I could just get my husband to agree, my life would be so sweet!)

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As a observer and survivor of those with narcissistic personality disorder (see Mayo Clinic, DMS-5, etc) I can attest to the pathological ‘skill’ the human mind resorts to and the persuasive driven outcome in most, yes MOST, of the people of all walks of life- judges, lawyers, politicians, doctors, evangelicals, it simply doesn’t matter who you are.

Fortunately some people across our society see this psychological manipulation for what it is in more simple terms-a con.

But most are blind to or blinded by this artful deception.

Every tool in the toolbox is available to the masters of this dangerous mental illness, which is often presaged by some psychological damage leading to deep insecurity, always covered up by narcissistic traits of grand illusion and delusion where it is questionable whether the perpetrator is aware of this deviance from reality.

“I alone...” was a scarlet flag for the setup.

Lindsey Graham saw it, then he didn’t, then he did, now he hasn’t. A perfect example of the skill set of a narcissist. [He’s a con] to [we need him, and can’t live or function without him].

Yet it took slightly more than 4 years to have this outcome.

Many people affected by relationships with severe narcissist require years to recognize that they are no more than pawns in an unbelievably complex game where there is only one ‘winner’ and there is no price to high or deception so low to impede that sole outcome.

As a student of history and human behavior is have been somewhat bewildered by the descent of German society into hell in the 1930s from one of the highest educated societies to inhabit this planet. No longer.

We, as Americans are in danger of repeating or rhyming with a very recent past.

We are seeing the evidence before our very eyes, and many deny the truth, the facts.

Scarlet flag #2 or 3,4..10.

Money, power, sex, drugs and rock n roll and other things drive the human psyche like asynchronous pendulums where wisdom and knowledge have faded into oblivion.

We must rediscover who we are, who we want to be and save this grand experiment called America before the Sun sets.

This is going to be very difficult and require certain acceptance such as “All men are created equal”. Not just whites and blacks but Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Russians, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics. These differences make us all more interesting not dangerous.

We can now extinguish all life and the planet in the blink of an eye.

Nationalism, me-ism, racism are human constructs based on fear of others, let us not succumb to these base instincts that no longer serve our survival.

We are potentially highly intelligent creatures, but still developing.

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Heary, Heary Dan,

I ask the question on, How many Americans know We have a 3 Branch system, for check and balance. Executive, Congress and last and 3rd "Important part of our last election", Judicial.

To shore up our faith in future elections, GOV. needs to get out the facts- bypass Network News.

Where, Over 60 cases went to courts for Trump. Break down the Facts as to WHY they where lose and or just thrown out.

Add, How can and why it wasnt blasted out there on Trump`s voice recording to L. Gov of Georgia State. ON just get him 11780 Votes. one vote over to win.

What more those a one need to the facts. Add the over hour long full video of his Rally in DC on Jan. 6th. NOT, just few seconds clip!

Finally, and your the second one-time I am hearing or reading someone calling it what it was "A Coup. "

Thats is why, ,,, We got to have this put into History,

Think about "IF" 5-6 persons, from 1-2 Governors, 1-2 A.G. of State`s or 1-2 Court Judges.

He, I think would have pulled it off, Stealing a Election, and He is the Fate News

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