Thank You For Your Service... How Do You Get Your News... And A Walk Through My Twitter

It’s Steady Sunday!

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“Thank You For Your Service”

An excerpt from the Sunday Essay:

“‘Thank you for your service’ is a popular sentiment that is often offered to men and women in uniform. And for good reason. Service in our armed forces is a choice to put one’s life in potential danger in service to the country. But the pandemic has proven what we should have acknowledged all along. Service, a deep service to one’s community and country, even a service that puts one at risk of harm, comes in many, many forms. And it is long past time that we as a nation start recognizing and rewarding that fact […]

Yet there is one type of service worker on whom I wish to cast a particular spotlight today. They toil in backbreaking, dirty, and often dangerous jobs, and their very career choice is often used as a symbol of the lowest jobs in our social hierarchy. They are the cleaners, the janitors, the orderlies. And I have met many over the years. They tend to take great pride in their work, and I can assure you most work far harder than the people who live and work in the houses and offices that they care for and clean…”

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How Do You Get Your News?

Our midweek question, which you should have received, focused on news consumption. Many of you shared your various sources and how your news reading or viewing habits might have changed over the years, or more specifically across presidential administrations. If you haven’t already, add your voice to the conversation and read what others had to say.

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Reader Comments

As I’ve said before, the most rewarding part of Steady is reading your comments and seeing this thoughtful and thought-provoking community engage with each other with respect and empathy. Here are some select comments to the question above.

From Mayra N.Hernández: “I still get the Washington Post in paper! I like to feel the paper and smell the ink. I am also subscribed to the NYT online. If I watch, it’s usually PBS. I do love listening to Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah for a humorous take on the news.”

- Thank you Mayra. I agree that there is nothing quite like the physical experience of holding a newspaper. (No offense to the World Wide Web.) And I love your other eclectic sources. I also offer a reminder to everyone to please consider supporting your local news organizations. They are an important part of our democracy and need all the help they can get.

From Harry. Colorful Colorado.: “First you chose your bias then you chose news sources that reinforce, and not challenge, your beliefs.

Liberal Democrat? Go with CNN, the WaPo and the NYT.

Conservative? Fox for sure.

A bit of a balance? Reuters or the AP.

CBS, NBC, ABC. Interesting but question what you hear before accepting it.

Everyone has an agenda to promote. Keep that in mind as you read the news.”

- Thank you Harry. What you outline describes the pitfalls of echo chambers. One way to combat this is to have a variety in your news “diet” and examine from where you are getting your sources of news. One thing I try to remind myself as a consumer of news is to try to be skeptical but never cynical.

Please all, keep the comments coming.

My Week In Tweets

Every Friday I  look back at the week that was, at least as seen through my Twitter feed. I’ve changed the style a bit this week, to make it a bit more of a narrative. I hope you enjoy, and as always I appreciate your feedback. Check it out and you will see my takes on…

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  • A tribute to Mother’s Day

  • A tip of the Stetson to Russell Westbrook

  • The “unrecognizable” new photos of Leonardo DiCaprio and… ants… (not to be confused with aunts)

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